St Patrick’s Day sees millions forced to pretend to be Irish from home

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day in the time of lockdown.

The celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, combined with the continued measures to fight Covid-19, means that many people are being forced to wear a Guinness hat and lie about their Irishness from home.

“Feck and begorrah!” declared Simon Williams, 34, who was born in Middlesborough.

“Irish on me father’s side, so I am!” said the liar, whose only actual connection to Ireland is having fingered a woman from Cork in a club toilet 12 years ago.

“It’s a grand day for a Guinness!” continued Williams, taking a sip of the popular Irish stout before wincing hard, as he doesn’t actually like it.

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Williams’ wife sighed, “I really hoped we’d avoid this bullshit this year.

“He’s used our credit card to buy a green three-piece suit and 24 cans of Guinness, none of which he actually likes and all of which I actively hate.

“I don’t know why people do this. Nobody clamours to be Welsh when St. David’s Day rolls around.”