Loathsome lefty pricks succeed in forcing hard-working Uber drivers to accept better pay and working conditions

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Meddling lefty bastards have taken virtue signalling to new levels by forcing hard-working Uber drivers to accept better pay and working conditions, even if they don’t want them.

As Uber announced up to 70,000 UK drivers would get the minimum wage as well as holiday pay and pensions, critics of the move have insisted that hard left socialists have once again ruined everything.

“These bloody do-gooders and they’re incessant campaigns to make things better,” wrote right-wing commentator and critic, Simon Williams, on his blog, which is read exclusively by the sort of basement-dwelling incels you’re picturing right now.

“This is the perfect example of how socialism ruins everything. They couldn’t just leave Uber alone, they HAD to stick their noses in, didn’t they? And now look what they’ve done – they’ve caused 70,000 hardworking Uber drivers to receive a range of benefits they didn’t expect when they started working there. The shits.  How dare they.”

Uber driver Derek Matthews said he was grateful for his new rights, telling us, “I get that protesting and campaigning has quite a bad reputation right now – but I guess that if I had to say how I’m feeling right now, it’s… pleased?”

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However, Williams accused Matthews of shilling for the hard-left.   He went on, “He’s only pretending to be happy about getting paid more, and having paid holidays, and getting a pension, because he’s been tricked by the left into thinking these are good things.

“It’s the biggest con they ever pulled, tricking you into believing that working for very little pay to make someone else rich is a bad thing.

“As IF!”