Billions of ‘half Irish’ people begin annual St Patrick’s day celebrations worldwide

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Billions and billions of Irish people, or people who are half Irish, or a quarter, or know someone Irish, or know where it is, are celebrating St Patrick’s day today.

With almost every single person in the world at least partly Irish, billions of people across the planet will be spending the day eating soda bread and drinking Guinness to proudly celebrate their wonderful Irish heritage, somewhere in the family, possibly.

Irish man Simon Williams, from Yorkshire, who was born in Sheffield to English parents told us, “I love St Patrick’s day, it’s great. I mean I feckin love St Patrick’s day, it’s deadly.

“Obviously I’m half-Irish so I’ve got to get into the spirit of things and have a few drinks to celebrate.

“I just love to embrace the culture, and really get to the heart of what it means to be Irish and how proud it makes me feel, and get as pissed as I can on Guinness.

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“I love all the songs too like the original Galway Girl by Ed Sheehan and The Fields of Irish Rover and stuff, real gritty stuff.

“It just makes me want to get as pissed as I can on Guinness.”

Asked where his Irish ancestry comes from he told us, “My grandad used to go out with a girl who knew someone from Cork.

“Oh and my best friend has actually been to Dublin on a stag do so, you know, it runs in the blood.”