Man who insists ‘cancel culture is a cancer’ busy celebrating cancellation of comedy show he didn’t like

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As news emerged that the BBC has cancelled The Mash Report, people who have spent the last few years bemoaning cancel culture are celebrating a show being cancelled because they didn’t like it making jokes about the things they like.

Simon Williams, 35, has spent more time than is healthy in the last few years explaining to anyone who’ll listen – and many who won’t – that cancel culture is ruining society, and that it’s important that opinions we don’t agree have the right to be aired and heard.

However, today, Williams is celebrating the cancellation of the Mash Report because he didn’t like the way it regularly mocked the political positions that he holds so dear.

He told us, “What’s important to remember is that cancel culture is poisonous, but only when the thing being cancelled is something I agree with. I want my opinions – yes, even those ones – heard in public with alarming regularity.  Any steps taken to prevent that is borderline fascism.

“However, when the thing being cancelled is one I don’t like, then it’s a monumental victory in the war against wokeness.

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“If you can’t tell the difference then you’re an idiot who probably needs cancelling.”