Viruses evolving resistance to vaccines doesn’t concern us, insist creationists

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People who believe the world is 6,000 years old have said they’re not worried about vaccine-resistant strains of coronavirus, because evolution isn’t real.

With the governments across the world identifying and monitoring newly evolved strains of the virus, creationists have held up their Bibles before insisting that they’ll be fine.

Creationist Simon Williams told us, “If evolution is true, then why is there still the original strain of the virus? It would all be gone and the newly ‘evolved’ one would be there instead.

“You can’t answer that in the same way you can’t explain why there are still monkeys if they evolved into us.

“Just because a complex system of viruses isn’t described in the Bible doesn’t mean God didn’t make them. Quite the opposite, he probably didn’t want us to sweat the details.”

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With increasing concern amongst the medical population that vaccine-resistant strains of coronavirus could potentially threaten millions of lives, some have suggested that people who don’t believe in evolution should give up using vaccines altogether.

As one researcher explained, “It’s similar to antibiotics, we don’t know why creationists even bother using them.

“It’s pretty simple, overuse of antibiotics is speeding up the evolutionary change amongst bacteria – so people who don’t believe this can happen should be the first to do without them.

“It should be the first question a doctor asks before giving out a prescription – how old do you think the earth is, or ‘dinosaurs, did cavemen ride them?’.

“We’d certainly lose a few creationists to evolving diseases, and also slow down the evolution of resistant strains.  What’s not to love?”