Thursday 11 March 2021

‘Not all men’ wage four-year media crusades against the women who reject them

Piers Morgan crusade against Meghan Markle

The ‘Not All Men’ campaign has found a new cause to support, insisting that not all men are willing to wage a four-year media campaign against the women who choose not to see them again after going for one drink.

Men across social media have felt the need to point out that the behaviour of one reprehensible man-child who is unable to deal with rejection in a mature manner should not be used as an example of the behaviour of men everywhere.

Man Simon Williams, told us, “I’ve been rejected, I’ve been dumped, I’ve even been ghosted – but I’ve never used a national television platform to loudly and repeatedly question the morality and integrity of the women who spurned me.  I think it’s hugely unfair that this is seen as a ‘man’ issue, and not just a ‘massive twat’ issue.

“Why can’t we just call out the behaviour of Piers Morgan as an arsehole of the highest order without bringing ‘all men’ into it?”

However, some men have insisted that they understand why women would be concerned about rejecting a man after agreeing to go for a drink with him.

Andy Matthews told us, “Piers Morgan is, unfortunately, one of us. I don’t like being compared to him in any way whatsoever, but I also understand that because of people like him, women will now think twice about going for a drink with a man out of the fear they might find themselves on the wrong end of a lengthy media vendetta.

“We must do better, and we could start by not acting anything like Piers Morgan.”

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