Wednesday 10 March 2021 by Lucas Wilde

Queen invites Meghan to peace talks in Paris road tunnel

Queen to meet Meghan in Paris tunnel

The Queen is jolly keen to patch things up with Meghan and isn’t absolutely furious at all, according to reports this morning.

Her Majesty was given a summary of points raised by Harry and Meghan in their interview with Oprah Winfrey and reacted in a calm fashion which definitely didn’t scare the shit out of the Corgis.

“She’s fine and definitely didn’t smash a very expensive Ming vase,” said Palace spokesperson, Simon Williams, emptying a dustpan full of unrelated china into a bin.

“In fact, Her Majesty is so ruddy fine about the whole thing that she would like to invite Meghan on an all-expenses paid trip to Paris where they can have a nice chat about the future.

“The meeting will be in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel.

“Yes, that one.

“Don’t get any ideas, it’s just a coincidence. Her majesty often holds meetings in tunnels. She’s a big fan of the acoustic advantages.”

A spokesperson for Meghan commented, “lol, no.

“If the Queen wishes to hold ‘peace talks’ then she is welcome to come to America.

“We would like to invite the Queen to meet us at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, just in front of the grassy knoll.

“Yes, that one.”

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