Tuesday 9 March 2021 by Lucas Wilde

“We only asked his skin colour so we’d know whether or not to play rap music at the christening”

Buckingham Palace

The Royal Family had a legitimate reason to ask for Harry and Meghan’s baby’s skin colour, according to a statement from the palace this morning.

Speculation has been rife as to which member of the Royal Family asked just how black the child would be, after the astonishing revelation that it wasn’t Prince Philip.

However, whoever it was is claiming it was for a “good” reason.

A palace spokesperson told us, “The family just wanted to know if they needed to buy in some hippity-hop music for the child’s christening.

“We assume that would be appropriate for such a child, and if that’s wrong then we’re sorry, we’ve never had to deal with one before, and the fact that we may have had to is actually Meghan’s fault, not ours.

“Make sure the public know that, won’t you?”

Member of the public, Hayley Rice, commented, “sweet Jesus.

“How much more out of touch can this family be? What were they planning for the buffet? Fried chicken and watermelon?”

The palace spokesperson countered “Hey look, it works the other way around too! If the kid was white, we’d have played Barry Manilow!”

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