Meghan Markle should have stayed quiet because that’s how she got all that great press, insists moron

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Sitting quietly in the background and saying nothing, about anything, to anyone, is the way to ensure you get kindly press coverage from the tabloid media, according to a moron who hasn’t looked at a newspaper in the last three years.

As the British newspapers continue their relentless pursuit of Meghan Markle, morons across the Internet have insisted that she’s only got herself to blame, because staying quiet was the only thing ensuring she was treated so kindly up until now.

Gullible simpleton, Derek Williams, who thinks precisely what the Daily Mail tells him to think, told us, “She got, what, three, maybe four negative headlines a week before she did this interview? That’s nothing, that’s practically being ignored by the British press – and she only got such gentle treatment because she kept her mouth shut, well, mostly.

“Now she’s gone and opened her mouth, she’s absolutely fair game.  I think a tabloid press that has limited itself to a mere handful of hatchet jobs each and every week for the last three years should now be free to go after her properly – all because she spoke to Oprah and gave her opinions on things, which you should never be allowed to do – obviously.

“Whatever happens now, this is all her fault.  It’s high time these uppity celebrities realised they belong to the people who read the tabloids.  There is no notion of privacy.  Once you’ve voluntarily chosen to share even the tiniest piece of yourself with the media, then that same media is perfectly entitled to rifle through your bins forever.

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“That’s just how it works, and it was naive of her to think it should work differently.”