Man buys Mother’s Day gift so thoughtful he’s convinced it will improve his inheritance

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A man has purchased a Mother’s Day present so thoughtful that he is confident it will improve his inheritance, according to reports today.

Simon Williams, 35, has for approximately 25 years given his mother, now 60, a range of depressing and inappropriate gifts for Mother’s Day. Until now.

He told us, “Mother’s Day is not like birthdays or Christmas, because you can’t really ask them what they want, which means any gift is usually left up to me and my imagination – so I pretty much always fail, and miserably so.

“Yes, my mum has probably been disappointed most years, but I still maintain that the box set of Die Hard movies in 2007 was actually a brilliant gift.”

However, this year Williams has struck gold after stumbling across the Lily Charmed website and its range of personalised and thoughtful gifts for mums everywhere.

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He went on, “It only took me five minutes and I sorted out a sterling silver necklace with a personalised message card, to make sure she doesn’t forget it’s from me! It’s gift wrapped too, all for less than I would spend in the pub on a Saturday afternoon, if they were open.

“With just a few clicks I’ve never looked so thoughtful or caring, and I’m pretty confident my chances of inheriting the house just took a turn for the better.”

His mother, Brenda Williams, told us, “Sure, this sounds Simon has made a real improvement with his gift-giving, and it seems like he’s actually put some thought into this one, but let’s see how he gets on with my birthday and Christmas before we go updating any wills.”

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