Monday 8 March 2021 by Neil Tollfree

‘But when is International Lens’ Day?’ ask people called Len

International Lens' Day

With the huge focus on International Women’s Day today, people called Len have demanded to know when International Lens Day is.

“Why should women get a whole day devoted to them,” asked Len Bottomdrawer, a Lens’ advocate working towards equality for people called Len.

“People called Len face all sorts of difficulties – have you ever heard of a glamourous movie star called Len? No, because there is an innate prejudice against Lens. If I went for an audition to be a movie star or sexy male model, the first thing they’d want me to do is change my name.

“Shocking, in this day and age.”

However, with the prominence of people like Len Goodman and Lenny Henry, some people argue that the struggle is now largely won.

“No, I don’t think we can let ourselves become complacent. You said it yourself – Lenny Henry. ‘Lenny.’ He doesn’t feel confident to be known as Len. He’s ashamed.

“That’s exactly what society does to people called Len, and we need to work to eradicate that prejudice and shame surrounding the name ‘Len.’

“An International Lens’ Day would be a huge step forward for Lens everywhere.”

There have also been calls to know when International Hen’s Day is, when International Pen’s Day is and when International Zen Day is.

Obviously though, people who ask when International Men’s Day is remain tiny-dicked, culture-war morons who should be thoroughly ignored.

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