Homeschooling finally gives something back as parents do f*ck all for World Book Day

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Homeschooling has finally given something back today to millions of parents finally able to do absolutely fuck all for World Book Day.

With children not attending school until next week, parents who would have normally spent the morning stressed out of their head covered in face paint and glitter have finally been able to relax in the knowledge that no one has to see their children dressed up.

Father of three Simon Williams revealed, “This is brilliant. I never thought I’d say this, but thank fuck for homeschooling.

“I hate World Book Day, absolutely hate it, its a complete and utter pain in the arse.

“Having to come up with stupid pissing outfits without wasting any money, which loosely relate to a book and don’t look completely shit.

“And usually only realising at ten o’clock the night before when checking the kids school bags, it’s just a frigging nightmare.

“So this year, thank God, we finally get to ignore it and have a nice relaxing morning.

“The timing couldn’t be better either, just before they go back. I’m actually so happy I think I could cry.

“The only outfits I actually need to worry about are the school uniforms, which have been ironed and laid out ready to go since last Wednesday.”