Buckingham Palace to investigate claims that Meghan bullied Prince Andrew into having sex with teenage girls

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Buckingham Palace says it will investigate claims that the Duchess of Sussex bullied Prince Andrew into being friends with a sex offender and having sex with teenage girls.

As the increasingly bitter feud continues between the Duchess and the non-black members of the Royal family, a statement from the Palace released today has advised that investigations will now be taking place into allegations that Meghan bullied Prince Andrew into behaving in a nonce-like manner on a number of separate occasions.

A spokesperson for the Palace confirmed, “Yes this Meghan character is a bad egg, not like our Andrew.

“We are now investigating claims by poor Prince Andrew that she bullied him into behaving inappropriately with younger members of the opposite sex; much much younger.

“Obviously we are aware that the dates don’t match up whatsoever, and it’s impossible that these allegations actually happened, but we still believe the Prince, he’s definitely telling the truth and he’s very brave indeed for coming forward.

“Now all we need is the great British press to jump on board with our narrative and run the story to get everyone to hate her and we can finally brush all this stuff under the carpet.”

Asked how the Prince is coping in light of the recent events we were told, “He’s bearing up. He didn’t want to talk about it. Ever.”