Daily Mail vindicated as Prince Philip confirms ‘grandson doing interview’ definitely worse than ‘son being nonce’

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Prince Philip has spoken out from his hospital bed to confirm that his grandson’s idea of giving an interview to a famous black woman is doing much more harm to his health than the thought of his second son being a nonce.

A spokesperson for the Duke of Edinburgh said that Philip agreed wholeheartedly with the position of the Daily Mail and insisted the idea of his grandson talking on television to Oprah Winfrey in front of millions is far more bothersome than his son shagging teenager girls behind closed doors at Jeffrey Epstein’s house.

The Prince’s aide, Simon Williams, told us, “Prince Philip needs rest and relaxation right now, and how can he do that when Harry is about to go and speak to a woman on television?  He could say ANYTHING! Whereas Andrew has almost certainly shagged his last teenager, and that whole thing is now almost completely forgotten.

“There is nothing more worrisome for a grandfather than the idea of your grandson marrying a woman who knows her own mind and who prefers not to have her privacy invaded.  Not even the thought of your son being good friends with a serial abuser and sex-trafficker.

“Just like the Daily Mail, we think you should judge people by the company they keep, and Harry has chosen to live his life out in the open with a successful actress, humanitarian and modern slavery campaigner – while Andrew has done the right thing by spending much of his time in the shadows and behind closed doors with Jeffrey Epstein.

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“If you want to know how Royals should do interviews, go and watch Andrew talking about Pizza Express – that’s how professionals deal with the media.

“Thank God that at least the Daily Mail realises that.”

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