Naive French authorities told this whole ‘politicians paying for their crimes’ thing will never catch on

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The French legal system has been told that their naive campaign to hold politicians to account when they break the law will never catch on, and they should just go about their business like every other country in letting politicians do whatever they like.

After former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, was sentenced to three years in prison for corruption, French authorities have been warned that continuing to hold former politicians responsible for the crimes they commit while in office could lead to the collapse of the political system as we know it.

British MP Simon Williams told us, “I don’t know what they’re playing at.  Everyone knows politicians can’t break the law. It’s like the Pope, if we do it, then it’s allowed, regardless of what the law might say.

“Christ, can you imagine if we started putting MPs in prison just because they broke the same laws we expect the electorate to abide by? Parliament would be empty by the summer.”

Fellow Tory MP Derek Waldon-Smythe told us, “It’s typical of the French to try and be different, but honestly, this has absolutely no chance of catching on. None whatsoever.

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“Whether it’s US presidents inciting insurrection, British politicians giving dodgy PPE contracts to their mates, or Prime ministers arranging to have journalists beaten up – they need to understand there are no consequences for people like us.”

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