Channel 4’s Hunted team called on by government to find Brazilian Variant

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The government has drafted in Channel 4’s Hunted professionals today, to find the missing person infected with the Brazilian variant of coronavirus.

With news emerging last night that one person infected with the variant still remains at large in the UK, senior government ministers have wasted no time in recruiting the best people for the job in tracking the person down and delivering him to authorities.

Channel 4 producer of the show Simon Williams revealed, “Yeah, they’ve been in touch, course they have, our boys are the best they’ll find them in no time.

“They have already got to work in profiling the target and setting out a location guide to where they might be staying.

“What we have here is a person who likes to travel, probably has lots of family and friends with who they will have no doubt been in contact, and is unable to fill in a contact form correctly when taking a test in the UK.

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“The person could also be in any town, city or village in the whole of the UK, and we have no idea if it’s a male or female or what they actually look like.

“It’s also likely they don’t want to be found, seeing as they are obviously ignoring the news appeals, or maybe they just don’t care.”

Asked when he believes his team will actually find the infected person we were told, “Can’t tell you, we’ll drag it out for 8 episodes though at least. We’re probably looking at June.”