Prince Philip’s 90-page Royal tribute magazine postponed by Sunday Times for 379th week running

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The Sunday Times has had to postpone its 90-page pull out magazine in tribute to the late Prince Philip once again this week, for the 379th week running, due to Duke of Edinburgh just refusing to actually die.

With the 172-year-old Duke still remaining in hospital this week with what is believed to be an ongoing infection, Sunday newspaper editors began their weekly task of preparing the elaborate pull out in tribute to the Royal, only to have to hastily pack it all away again when the bad news from the hospital eventually arrived.

Journalist Simon Williams revealed, “Oh for God’s sake just die will you, so we can finally get this shit printed and done with.

“We’ve had this big pull out arranged for about seven years now just waiting to churn it straight out, the second he finally goes.

“It’s actually very good, and took us ages to put together, a few years back, when he started looking really poorly.

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“But then he just perked up again, and didn’t fucking die, so it’s just been sat there waiting to go, every bleeding week.

“We’ve had to tweak a few bits here and there over the last few years, what with Prince Andrew being a paedophile and stuff, and Harry marrying a black girl.

“But overall it’s primed, edited, proofread and ready to hit the shelves, for the 379th week running.”

Asked what he thinks people will think of the supplement when they finally get to read it, we were told, “Oh who gives a shit, I’ll have probably retired by then anyway.”