Friday 26 February 2021 by Pete Redfern

Tories slam Queen as unpatriotic after she appears in Zoom call without a single Union Flag on display

Zoom call with the Queen

Conservative party members have today labelled Her Majesty the Queen as unpatriotic after she took part on a Zoom call without a single Union flag on display behind her.

The head of state was taking part in a Zoom call with health officials, in which they discussed the COVID-19 vaccine and other important matters, something which it transpires you can do perfectly well without a twelve-foot flag draped over your mantelpiece.

“Absolutely disgraceful!” fumed Tory MP Sir Simon Williamsby-Toffer, choking on his pheasant and fox blood smoothie.

“I never take part in a Zoom call without first wallpapering the Union flag all over my lounge, then draping three flags over the mantelpiece and popping on my Union flag Y-fronts.”

He continued, “I truly never thought I’d live to see the day that our Queen, our glorious monarch, our splendid Regina, revealed herself to be so shockingly unpatriotic during a video call. Does she hate England all of a sudden?

“I haven’t cried this much since Harry announced his engagement to that American.”

Royal spokesperson Eleanor Gay told us, “Her Majesty deliberately asked us not to hang a flag in the background, and this in no way means she hates Britain – she just wanted to show that you can do your job well, and discuss important issues in public, without having to do so in front of a stupidly large and incongruous flag in your living room.”

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