Friday 26 February 2021 by Neil Tollfree

Queen confirms that Covid vaccine safe for extra-terrestrial reptilian overlords

Queen gets vaccine

The Queen has revealed that, when she received the Covid vaccine, it didn’t hurt and there were no side-effects, confirming that it is perfectly safe for the extra-terrestrial reptilian global cabal of overlords who secretly control everyone’s lives.

She and her equally extra-terrestrial and reptilian husband Phillip were amongst the first to receive the vaccine due to them both being in their 160s, putting them in a high-risk group.

She confirmed there was no pain or side-effects during a Zoom call to her home planet of Reticula.

“We were certainly confident that the vaccine wouldn’t prove harmful to our overlords,” explained a relieved Simon Williams, who worked on the vaccine.

“After all, if there were side-effects then the whole team could find themselves working in the Reticulan Salt Mines for the rest of our lives, like Princess Diana or the original Paul McCartney.

“But, that said, it’s a relief to have it confirmed.”

The news means that Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Lady Gaga, Uri Geller, Yahoo Serious, Christopher Biggins, and the bass player from Poison can all receive their vaccines without fear of ill-effects.

Elvis Presley remains safe on Reticula, unexposed to the virus, but will still receive a dose of the vaccine as a precaution for when he makes his planned comeback in 2022.

We at NewsThump certainly support the vaccination of our extra-terrestrial reptilian overlords and, as ever, wish them nothing but great health and happiness.

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