Manchester United to put Marcus Rashford’s Gold Blue Peter badge in trophy room

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Manchester United have confirmed that Marcus Rashford’s Gold Blue Peter badge will be put on display in their trophy room, and have claimed that the honour should also guarantee the club automatic qualification into next season’s Champions League.

“Marcus’s Gold Blue Peter badge is the just latest exciting chapter in the story of this great club,” said United manager Ole Gunnar-Solskjaer.

“It ends what has been a bit of a barren run for the club in terms of major honours, but I always had faith that one day soon we would have some silverware, or goldware, to lift at the end of a season.”

Manchester United trophy room custodian Simon Williams is equally excited about the award.

“I was so happy for Marcus when I heard the news,” said Williams.

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“And of course, it means that I’ll finally have something new to put in the trophy room for the first time in about five years. Honestly, there were days when I thought I might never get to go back in there again.

“I can’t wait to put the badge on display in the trophy cabinet, if only I could remember where I put the keys.”

Rashford was given the prestigious award for his selfless work in helping to feed underprivileged children during the Covid pandemic. The Manchester United striker has received congratulations from across the sporting world.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has slammed the BBC and Blue Peter for poisoning the minds of the nation’s children with their ‘virtue-signalling lefty woke agenda’.