Living with the knowledge he ‘did wrong’ is punishment enough for Matt Hancock, insists High Court

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Despite the High Court deciding he and his department behaved unlawfully in withholding details of PPE contracts given to his friends, the justice system has decided that living with his behaviour is ‘probably punishment enough’.

The case was heard after groups argued that giving millions and millions of pounds of taxpayer money to your friends and donors for PPE that in many cases doesn’t work, is probably illegal.

“Despite finding that he acted unlawfully, I think we can all agree there is no need for any sort of punishment,” explained Mr Justice Chamberlain in his ruling.

“If you’re in any doubt as to how he’s living with the knowledge of his unlawful behaviour, then a cursory look at the weekend political shows in which he continued to deny he did anything wrong would be proof enough of how much he is struggling with the weight of his indiscretion.

“Sometimes we have to punish people who act unlawfully, whether that be with fines or even prison – but then other times we can look into their eyes and see that there is such a complete lack of remorse that any punishment would be utterly pointless.

“And that, unfortunately, is the case with Mr Hancock.  He will have to live with what he’s done, and we will just have to live with the fact that he’s finding it very easy indeed to do just that.”

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