Ted Cruz praised for emergency fact-finding mission to Cancun to learn how Mexico deals with snow and power outages

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been praised by his Republican colleagues for taking time out of his busy schedule to drop everything and take his family on a fact-finding mission to Cancun in Mexico to find a solution to Texas’ snow and power issues.

As his home state continues to struggle against potentially deadly snowstorms and power disruption that has affected millions, Senator Cruz has insisted the only way to solve the state’s issues is by learning how other countries deal with such problems.

Speaking from a sun lounger next to a swimming pool, Cruz told reporters, “Did you know that in Cancun they have NEVER had a power outage caused by snowstorms. Not one.  If that’s not a record we should aspire to in Texas, then I don’t know what is.

“I will be spending my time hear learning everything I can about how they go about maintaining such an incredible record.

“Just this morning alone I learned how many five-star hotels in the region offer incredible breakfasts and will happily deliver cocktails by the pool, no matter how hot it is outside. This afternoon I’m expecting to learn how these facts will help the people in Texas who have no power, are living in freezing temperatures, and have been told to boil any water from the faucet before consuming it.”

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Meanwhile, back in Washington, Cruz’s Republican colleagues have congratulated him on his out of the box thinking in a time of crisis.

Republican Congressman Chuck Williams told us, “When millions of citizens are suffering due to adverse weather and power outages, we need calm heads to prevail, and what better way to ensure you have a calm head than by removing yourself from the situation and laying yourself down on a sunbed by the pool?

“Ted Cruz is a patriot, and we need more like him.”

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