Boris Johnson celebrates nation’s freedom from unelected bureaucrats by putting one in his cabinet

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Boris Johnson has celebrated the end of unelected bureaucrats having any say in the running of our country by putting one in his cabinet.

Just weeks after the end of the Withdrawal Agreement which ended any involvement of the EU’s unelected bureaucrats in the way our country is run, Johnson has put unelected bureaucrat and Brexit negotiator, Lord David Frost, in his cabinet.

Johnson told reporters, “Lord Frost bring a wealth of experience to this role and his place in my cabinet, which means the fact that no-one ever voted for him doesn’t really matter.

“Yes, I know I previously said that Brexit would be a good thing because people we didn’t vote for shouldn’t have any influence whatsoever on how we conduct the nations’s business, but this is different; I know Lord Frost and he’s my friend, plus he doesn’t have a funny accent.

“People need to realise that being ‘unelected’ is no longer a barrier to holding some of the country’s highest positions, now that we have thankfully left behind the shackles of the unelected inside the EU.

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Meanwhile, Brexit supporter Derek Williams has backed the move, telling us, “I have contorted myself into a position where I can now argue that unelected officials in government is a good thing, despite spending the last five years arguing the exact opposite.

“Honestly, it was pretty easy.  When you’ve spent time arguing that Brexit is good for the country, you make yourself believe absolutely anything.”

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