We’d much rather see a tell-all interview with Prince Andrew, public tells Oprah

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Oprah Winfrey has been urged to book the Duke of York for a tell-all interview on her show following growing pressure from the British public to learn the whole truth about the sweat-less enigma.

Harry and Meghan are due to appear on Oprah’s show next month to discuss all aspects of their life, although presumably with the exception of Harry’s dodgy uncle and noted friend of Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew.

TV owner and British citizen Simon Williams told us, “Oh yeah, the Harry and Meghan interview might be interesting, of course, but I doubt we’ll learn anything new.

“It’ll be like ‘Mother died in suspicious circumstances that were definitely not orchestrated by my grandfather Prince Philip, Daddy married that god-awful horsewoman, I’ll never be on the throne, and the British press are relentlessly racist towards my wife’ – look, we get it.”

He went on, “It’s weird that the tabloids are obsessed with Meghan, when there is Prince Andrew right there in front of them who has demonstrably done worse things than want a bit of privacy from the gutter press.

“So what would be really interesting would be a tell-all interview with Andrew – it would be fascinating to learn how many branches of Pizza Express he can recall when questioned about his numerous trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-mansion in New York, and exactly how old the girls were that he slept* with there”.

Producers on the Oprah show have now reportedly reached out to Prince Andrew with an invite to appear on the show, but each invite has been returned with a firm ‘No’ and drenched in sweat.

(*Allegedly. Our lawyers say as we can’t afford to be sued by the richest family in the UK – Ed.)