Ticketmaster selflessly ‘looking after’ everyone’s money for another year for all the cancelled gigs

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Ticketmaster, Seetickets and Gigs & Tours have been praised today after kindly agreeing to look after everyone’s cancelled gig money for another few months, at least.

With more and more festivals and gigs now being postponed once again across the UK due to ongoing lockdown restrictions, caring ticket company bosses have assured customers that they are happy to hold onto the millions of pounds spent on gigs that aren’t actually happening this year, for at least another twelve months just to selflessly help out.

Head of accounts at Ticketmaster Simon Williams told us, “It’s the least we can do.

“Obviously people are going to be disappointed, having dished out up to £200 a pop for a gig which they should have gone to in 2020, but now might not happen until at least 2022, if it even actually happens at all.

“So we just want to help them out and let them know that their money is safe with us, in our account, millions and millions of pounds of it.

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“We’ll just keep our eye on it for you, for as long as you want, it’s absolutely no problem at all.

“And if they want to book any more tickers for this summer, for a festival or gig that is clearly not going ahead, we will be more than happy to help.

“For our usual extortionate booking fee of course, for every single ticket.”

Asked if any refunds are available, for any cancelled concerts we were told, “erm…. I suppose you could, but it’s complicated, and then there are the unbooking fees and… We’ll just keep the money for now. It’s probably easier that way.”