Steve Baker: Get back to work, you lazy, fickle sh*ts

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Steve Baker has demanded that the bone-idle, grasping layabouts that make up the general population of the country stop lolling about on their sofa and get back to work.

“I have one message for the population,” said the self-appointed hard man of Brexit, during an interview yesterday.

“Get back to work, you lazy fickle sh*ts. This country can’t afford to support you idling away your days sat in your pants, eating Frosties from the box and swigging cans of cheap lager while you watch television programmes about people buying and/or doing up houses.

“Frankly, you all make me want to vomit. Just because we’re living in the most dangerous health crisis of modern times, you think it’s acceptable to not go to work.


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“Work is all the likes of you is good for. You’re drones. Automatons. You are economic production units of organic matter  whose only reason to exist is to facilitate the economic well-being of your betters.

“You really think it’s acceptable that decent, respectable businessmen should have to suffer a slightly diminished profit margin because there’s a risk that you might die?

“It doesn’t matter if you die. There are a hundred other creatures who could replace you. This country won’t even notice you’ve gone.

“So, suck it up, put on some respectable clothes and get out there and fulfil your economic responsibility.”

Baker concluded the interview with an inspiring call to arms.

“And don’t forget to vote Tory!”

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