People booking holidays so they’ve got something to look forward to cancelling

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The British public is starting to book summer holidays they will inevitably have to cancel, just so they’ve got something to look forward to.

There are a lot of blues going around at the moment – winter blues, lockdown blues, not being able to spend every weekend afternoon at a kids’ party blues.

“I’ve heard that the best way to get through a period of hardship is to get something in the calendar that you can look forward to,” said father of three Simon Williams.

“So I’ve put as many cancellations in the diary as possible – nothing gives a dopamine hit quite like not having to do something. It’s like when of your friends pulls out of a Zoom social at the last minute – bliss!

“I’ve just booked to take the whole family to Florida in the summer. Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, the Keys…

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“I absolutely cannot wait to cancel it and get a full refund when it’s confirmed that travel restrictions will still be in place.

“I mean, it cost the best part of ten grand – I’ll actually be pretty devastated if there isn’t a third wave.

“I also promised my mother-in-law that the whole family will go up to her Cumbria home in October so she can celebrate her 70th birthday with her grandchildren.

“Ah, I can feel the depression lifting just by imagining the phone call telling her we won’t make it. ‘Sorry Linda, we’d love to be there but what with lockdown seven it’d be irresponsible.’ Ha!

“Right, better think of something the wife and I can’t do for Valentine’s Day…”