Hypothetical can of Coke containing every single molecule of coronavirus on Earth still preferable to Pepsi

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A can of Coke containing every molecule of Coronavirus on the planet would still be the preferred beverage of choice if Pepsi was the alternative, a study has found.

After scientists calculated that every single particle of COVID-19 could fit in a single can of Coke, fans of soft beverages were quick to point out that it would probably still taste better than Pepsi.

“We all know that shops and restaurants only stock Pepsi in case they run out of Coca-Cola” explained self-professed ‘Coke addict’ Simon Williams.

“In order of preference, soft drink wise, it would go Coke – any variation – then ginger beer, then water, then milk, then Pepsi, and then right at the bottom, if you were absolutely dying of thirst, Pepsi Max.

“And a Coke can that was brimming with every single molecule of COVID-19 on the planet would come in just before Pepsi, definitely.”

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Christopher James, from consumer advice group What?!, told us, “We’ve all tried Coke with a hint of Lemon, Coke with a hint of Vanilla, even Coke with a hint of Strawberry, which was weird but still better than Pepsi, and now consumers can’t wait to get their hands on this new release, especially as there will only be one of them in the whole world.”

According to reports, Pepsi are hurriedly rushing out a new advertising campaign, centred around the new slogan: “Pepsi – at least you won’t die after drinking it?”