Study finds that if you do not know how to correctly use an apostrophe then your an idiot

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A study has today confirmed that if you dont know to use apostrophes’ correctly then your a complete idiot who regularly make’s a fool of themselves’ online.

The study, conducted by the University of Readings’ Department For Doing Stuff The Right Way And That, studied the social media posts of over a thousand random member’s of the public, and found that apostrophe’s we’re the most regularly misused, after hy-phens.

“Sadly this told us what w’ed always suspected,” said researcher, Simon William’s.

“Theres’ a strong correlation between being able to use apostrophes’ correctly and being a complete imbecile, and if you ca’nt use them correctly you need to give yourself a good talking to.

“Even some official Facebook page’s we’re riddled with errors’, and honestly, trying to read anything on them is like walking through a punctuation minefield, as Im sure youv’e seen yourselves’ sometime’s.

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“Its’ embarrassing, frankly.”

One blogger for popular satire site InfoSmash Christopher James, told us, “Who care’s about grammar and punctuation these day’s?

“Its’ all about the content and being hilarious, not apostrophe’s.

“Im sure Im not a laughing stock right now by posting this to you guy’s, am I?”

According to reports the University of Reading then began a study into the correct usage of Their, There and They’re on the internet, but had to have lie down after about three minutes.