Scientists warn of new variant of previous variant of the initial variant of the Kent variant’s first variant

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Scientists have today warned of a new variant of the variant of the previous variant of the initial variant of the UK variant’s South African variant mutating to form another variant of coronavirus spreading around the UK.

With urgent testing already taking place in many parts of England for the previous variant of the earlier variant’s mutated variant, scientists have now advised that this latest variant is now causing even more concern than the new variant they were worried about earlier this morning.

A spokesman for Public Health England confirmed earlier, “Hold on a second……. Oh shit, we’ve had a new one I’m afraid, just while I was setting up for this interview.

“Not the one that you are probably about to ask us about, the one that we reported half an hour ago to the media, which was of course the newest variant of all the other variants at the time.

“No, this is another one that we’ve just found five minutes ago, it’s a bit of a bugger too by the looks of it, more contagious that all the other new variants combined I believe, so that’s annoying.

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“We thought this was all under control, because there hadn’t been any new variants for a good four hours actually, so this has come as quite a shock and we need to think of a plan.”

Asked if the current vaccines being rolled out will be effective against this latest variant, just discovered during the interview, we were told, “Erm….. I want to say yes….. let’s just go with yes.”