Monday 1 February 2021 by Neil Tollfree

Warnings that Reddit market manipulation may have caused coup in Myanmar

Myanmar coup

There was further alarm about the actions of the so-called ‘Reddit army’ from the WallStreetBets Reddit forum after suggestions that their continued manipulations of markets could have been the cause of the overnight military coup in Myanmar.

“This is the problem when you get these amateurs messing with the markets,” said Simon Williams, professional trader and bastard.

“One minute its hedge funds collapsing, and the next it’s the overturning of democratically elected governments by the military.

“I would urge these ‘Redditors’ to stand down, stop interfering in things they don’t understand and leave the manipulation of stock markets to the professionals.

“Well, not ‘manipulation’ but – look, you know what I mean, just leave our money alone, and go back to discussing how to defeat the last boss in Dark Souls.”

Stock market experts have suggested that by reacting to the ‘shorting’ of shares in videogame retailer GameStop and latterly in the Australian silver market, the Redditors sent a message to the Myanmar military that established, traditional structures can be overturned and destroyed.

However, the so-called ‘Reddit army’ has denied any wrongdoing, saying that they are merely enthusiastic amateurs who are playing the stock market at their own game.

They also claimed that the quiet closing down of the SmashMyanmarGovernment subreddit is a coincidence and nothing to do with them.

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