Tories pull sexist ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ poster, saying publication was probably some woman’s fault

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The Conservatives have apologised for the publication on their social media of an advert that many criticised for promoting outdated gender stereotypes, blaming it on a woman.

The advert was intended to be part of the government’s promotional campaign to encourage people in England to comply with the national COVID-19 lockdown and was published yesterday while Boris Johnson travelled hundreds of miles to Scotland.

“We are deeply sorry for any offence this might have caused to those touchy women everywhere, who were probably on their period,” said Conservative spokesperson Sir Simon Williamsby-Toffer.

“As it has been pointed out, this advert on reflection does appear to portray a stereotypical depiction of women doing domestic chores and looking after children, while a man slouches on the sofa.

“Or as we call it ‘The Good Old Days’.”

He added, “I expect this error was probably done by one of those little women we hired to be ‘diverse’ or whatever, so the blame must lie with her, I’m afraid.

“We have now fired all our female civil servants just to be on the safe side.”

According to reports, the government are hurriedly withdrawing an accompanying TV advert, in which the Mark Strong voiceover urges women to “stay home, pop out two or three sprogs, cook some dinner, tidy the place up a bit love and control the virus, oh and make a cuppa, there’s a good girl.”