Morons shocked as Nicola Sturgeon sides with EU instead of the Union she has dedicated her life to leaving

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Tory pundits were horrified as the Astra Zeneca dispute led Scottish nationalist Nicola Sturgeon to help an organisation she desperately wants to join instead of a political institution she openly detests.

Simon Williams, a senior editor at the Daily Telegraph, took time off being angry at cyclists to level a shocking accusation that the leader of the Scottish government prefers to curry favour with people she sees as the future of her nation, and not those she sees as its oppressors.

He wrote. “I don’t like to throw around allegations at people who aren’t black but the evidence speaks for itself. When asked to help Westminster in the dispute with the EU over Astra-Zeneca’s vaccine distribution, she did what no one would have expected her to do – unless they had looked at any of her political declarations in the last three decades.

“Out of the blue, she undermined a union she has consistently claimed harms the lives and futures of her people, and instead gave comfort to the eurocrats in Brussels she needs on her side to realise her life’s ambition.

“I have never seen anything like this in all my years, and I have been to several grouse shoots in Scotland.”

Mr Williams predicted that Holyrood would come to regret betraying Westminster in such a brazen manner.

He went on, “This won’t be forgotten and could have serious consequences. If the relationship with London keeps souring then it is very possible that England and Scotland might have to go their separate ways.

“Is that what the SNP really wants?”