Kate insists parenting during lockdown is exhausting, for the palace nanny, and tutor, and chefs, and cleaners

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The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed today that the extreme challenges of parenting and homeschooling during lockdown has been utterly exhausting, for the child’s nanny, and private tutor, and palace chefs and cleaners.

Speaking during a video call with a group of peasants/parents to discuss the pressures of life during lockdown the Duchess gave a unique insight into the difficulties of homeschooling and looking after children at home, in her palace, with only a limited number of staff to assist.

Speaking earlier she revealed, “It has been very difficult indeed this time round I must say, the children’s private nanny is exhausted, as are the tutors for all of the children’s school subjects.

“And of course the palace cleaner is rushed off her feet at the minute with numerous different tasks to do on a daily basis, involving much more cleaning around the whole of the palace due to the children being here all day leaving such a mess.

“Not to mention the chefs, they don’t have a minute’s rest at the moment because we all like to have our meals at different times of the day depending on what time Wills and I decide to get out of our pit in the morning, or afternoon.

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“But we must stay strong and remember, we as parents can do this, we are all in this together.

Asked if one of the parents could perhaps borrow her child’s nanny for an hour, just to try to get some rest we were told “Certainly not”.