Boris accuses 100,000 dead Covid victims of ‘playing politics’

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Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the country with the world’s highest Covid death rate and sometime TV presenter, has accused the 100,000 people in this country who’ve died of Covid of ‘playing politics’

He made the accusation after being asked if he regretted that his incompetence and indecisiveness had led to the deaths of 100,000 people.

“I don’t think that now is the time to be playing politics,” said the Prime Minister, who still hadn’t combed his f**king hair.

“These 100,000 people, they could have died of anything at any time. I think that by choosing to die now, of Covid, they are simply trying to make a political point. That is immensely unfair on those who are trying so hard to battle this dreadful disease.

“I think that they should stop trying to score cheap political points by dying, and instead try and pull together and get behind this Government who will begin providing a world-beating response to this crisis soon. In the next couple of days.

“Next week at the very latest.”

Mr Johnson also responded to a question about frontline doctors and nurses reportedly suffering from PTSD after their experiences on Covid wards.

“I think they need to stop playing politics,” he said, inevitably.

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