‘I just love Bridgerton for the beautiful costumes’ says woman who just loved 50 Shades of Grey ‘for the romance’

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A woman has revealed today that she just loves period filth drama Bridgerton for all the lovely costumes and beautiful scenery shown throughout the show, just as she loved watching 50 Shades of Grey for ‘all the love and romance’.

With news emerging today that Bridgerton has now become Netflix’s biggest series ever, fans around the world have rushed to heap praise on the show and give their own reasons of why the filthy drama full of gorgeous hunks has managed to be so successful.

Mum of two Helen Waterhouse, who’s TV appeared to be stuck on a paused image of a topless Duke told us, “I just love the costumes, that’s why I love it so much, nothing else really.

“Just like I loved that 50 Shades of Grey book, and the film actually, because it was a beautiful love story, and that’s all.

“Bridgerton is wonderful though, with all of the beautiful houses, it’s real escapism, just when we need it. Nothing to do with that Duke fella being absolutely fit as you like and spending quite a lot of the series shagging the Duchess senseless with that FIT body of his.

“It’s more about the tumultuous love story, and beautiful scenery and absolutely amazing costumes – which I love – particularly when they take them off, and you can see that fella’s torso, and a little peak of his pert arse, I like that bit, but that’s not why I watch it, obviously.”

Asked if her husband also likes the series she told us, “I’ve not told him about it, I like to watch it alone, so I can keep rewinding it, you know – to look at the costumes.”