Boris Johnson jealous of Yvette Amos only having one c*ck in her cabinet

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Parody Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted that he feels an envy bordering on bitterness for Internet sensation Yvette Amos as she has only one cock in her cabinet.

Yvette gained notoriety earlier this week after taking part in a BBC Wales Zoom interview in which a sex toy could be seen behind her.

“At first Boris laughed along with everyone else when he first saw it,” said a Number 10 insider.

“Then he grew pensive and quiet. I asked him what was wrong and he looked around at some of his colleagues.

“Gove, Williamson, Patel, Raab – I can see why this woman might feel a little embarrassed, but at least she’s only got one cock in her cabinet. I’ve got a dozen or so.”

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Following the interview, Number 10 staff have been ordered to stop any similar gaffes taking place during interviews with Johnson.

“Boris doesn’t want any cocks in the background when he’s been interviewed. So, we’re making sure that Domonic, Gavin, any of the cabinet really, are nowhere near when there are cameras being used.

“We’ve got to make sure none of them are close by when Boris is being interviewed just in case they wander into shot behind him.”

The BBC has apologised for not noticing the sex toy during the interview, saying that they thought it was just a miniature statue of Laurence Fox.