Yorkies react with humble self-effacement after Yorkshire Dales named best national park in Europe

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The notoriously modest inhabitants of Yorkshire are finding it terribly awkward to be under the spotlight after Tripadvisor named the scenic park to be outstanding, forcing the introverted tykes to stammer something about their area being alright but nothing special.

In Hawes, bashful resident Simon Williams was one of the very few willing to talk about what makes his part of Europe so attractive, on the condition that it was made clear he was not claiming Yorkshire was better than any other county.

He explained, “I feel a bit embarrassed to be honest. I guess it’s nice that someone likes us but I just don’t feel comfortable harping on about it.

“We do have some lovely spots on the Dales but I’m sure there are some equally bucolic places in Devon or Sussex.

“Which is why when I go down south I make it a point to quietly appreciate the area and never once mention where I am from or what I think of the local attractions.

“No-one wants to hear some insecure berk making dubious claims of perfection on anything from fish and chips to quality of tap water and what to call the evening meal.

“And that’s why I’m really concerned by this announcement. What if we get a reputation for being tedious braggarts?”

The reputation of Yorkshiremen for being full of unassuming shrinking violets was cemented after the 1973 census when the county was split in two due to the reluctance of its denizens to mention where they are from.