Monday 25 January 2021 by Mark Molloy

We are still a ‘long long long way’ from being competent warns Hancock

Matt Hancock insists nation a long long way from competence

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has revealed today that there is still a ‘long long long way’ to go until they can be considered even remotely competent in dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic.

With government decision-making still at extremely dangerous levels of incompetence across almost all areas of the pandemic, Matt Hancock has today warned that we could still be a very long way indeed away from any form of actual competence and capable leadership needed to get the country out of this situation.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yes we’re still miles away from us getting any of this even remotely right I’m afraid.

“We still have absolutely no idea what we are doing, and to be brutally honest with you, we are pretty much making it up as we go along just in case you hadn’t guessed, which I think you have”

“We are still fucking about with the borders for some reason, and have no idea what to do with schools and when or how they might start to open again.

“We might make restrictions tighter, but then again we might ease them off a bit, we really don’t know from one day to the next.

“And now we have started to roll out the vaccine, we are all confused about how long to leave it between the first and second dose.

“So my message to everyone, if they are struggling right now, is to hang on in there because we might actually start dealing with this thing properly, in a very long long long time indeed.”

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