Liverpool ‘failing to score in 2021’ to be this season’s feel-good story

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Liverpool’s failure to score a single goal this year could be an even more heartwarming football story than Steven Gerrard’s slip or their capitulation at Selhurst Park in 2013/2014, it has been claimed.

After losing their first Premier League game at Anfield since 2017, Liverpool’s terrible recent form was compounded by their failure to score for a fourth successive match.

The Reds have now had a total of eighty seven attempts on goal since they scored against West Brom, which was technically a year ago now.

Everton fan Liam Murray said, “Some experts may say that Liverpool have scored this year, but I think everyone knows that putting the ball in the back of the net against a bunch of Brummie schoolchildren quite clearly doesn’t count.

“The injuries have piled up for them this year, it’s obvious that the PED’s they’ve been taking for the last two years are finally flushing out of their system.”

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With Manchester United, Spurs, Man City, and Leicester to come in their next six matches, it now seems increasingly inevitable that Liverpool will fail to score a single goal this year.

Gareth Neville, author of the footballing memoir I F**king Despise Liverpool said, “In these trying times, football has the power to inspire, give hope and bring people closer together.

“In this instance, the very thought of Liverpool going an entire year without scoring a league goal would give a great degree of satisfaction to all parts of the nation during what is generally quite a difficult period.”