Satirists not sure what to do now after exhausting ‘Joe Biden is old’ jokes within 24hrs of inauguration

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Online ‘comedy’ writers who for some reason pretend to their friends and family that they are genuine satirists are struggling to write about the new US President, it has emerged.

Joe Biden was inaugurated yesterday as the forty-sixth President of America, leaving joke writers in a panic, suddenly floundering for ideas, and almost mourning the loss of Donald Trump. Almost.

Simon Williams, a ‘writer’ for moderately successful online satire site FactPunch sat at his desk this morning trying to think of something witty to write about Joe Biden, but drew a complete blank.

“He’s old and…. well, old. That’s all we’ve got so far,” he said, shaking his head sadly.

“And we’d already exhausted all possible gags about him being close to either death or dementia within about six hours of the inauguration, and to be honest one of those was just a lazy repost of an article we wrote on election day back in November.”

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He went on, “Yes, he has been a bit creepy in the past, sniffing women’s hair and the like, but I think after the last four years everyone’s had enough of us mocking a White House sex pest.”

Brightening slightly, he added, “Oh actually, it might not be all bad – there’s a chance he might pick up where he left off when he was Vice-President under Barack Obama and resume the drone-strike killing of civilians in Yemen again.

“Those were the days.”