Festival goer shocked as event hosting 200,000 people in a field with no sanitation or washing facilities is cancelled

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A Glastonbury Festival ticket holder has been left shocked and surprised today with the news that the festival hosting 200,000 unwashed people in fields with no cleaning facilities or basic sanitation has inexplicably been CANCELLED this summer.

With news emerging earlier today that this year’s event will need to be postponed once again due to the coronavirus pandemic, legions of festival-goers have taken to social media to express their shock and surprise at the news.

Simon Williams, from Bristol, told us, “Cancelled? Are you fucking joking? WHY?

“I’ve been looking forward to this for months so why are they cancelling it?

“I mean granted there are probably around 200,000 pissed up people there crammed into a field jumping all over each other who haven’t washed for days.

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“Along with thousands of people rolling around in mud before pissing in a cups and throwing it on the floor.

“But you know, they should still let it go ahead, I’m sure it will all be fine, honestly everyone is bound to behave I’m sure, especially after not going to a gig for two full years.”

Asked if he thinks there is any risk of infection he told us, “Well obviously, have you SEEN those fucking toilets.”