New strain proves that post-Brexit Britain still capable of making things that lead the world

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A new and more deadly virus strain has silenced critics who believe the UK will no longer be a manufacturing powerhouse after Brexit.

Simon Williams, a former manager at British Leyland and staunch Brexit supporter blogged today, “Britain was once the factory of the world, turning out high quality and innovative manufactured goods such as textiles, steam engines, cars and opium.

“Certain ‘experts’ have suggested that a strong pound, militant trade unions and rising economies in the Far East have put British manufacturing into irreversible decline and the only thing that the UK will be able to export in the future are reality TV formats and pubescent boybands.

“But this new virus strain has proven them very wrong.

“The new variant is not only a world-beating improvement on the original foreign version that we used to import, but it was turned around by the British in only four months, leaving the other foreign powers lagging way behind.

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“Although I suppose it was inevitable that someone else would learn to do it better than us.”