Mike Read ends ban on Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Relax’

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80s DJ and hair pioneer Mike Read has today announced that he is formally ending his ban on Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s sex disco classic ‘Relax’.

Famously, Read was playing the record on his breakfast show in 1984 when he realised that the phrase ‘when you want to come’ meant ‘when you want to come’ and immediately banned it.

However, it seems that his views on the record have now softened.

“I believed at the time that pop music wasn’t the place for frank and open depictions of sex,” he said.

“I prefer songs like ‘Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones, Olivia Newton John’s ‘Physical’ and the Starlight Vocal’s Band’s tremendous 1975 hit ‘Afternoon Delight’ about going to get some nice ice-cream before tea.

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“However, I do realise that attitudes in society have changed and perhaps the song is now acceptable to a modern audience.

“I feel like I should recognise this and as such, I now formally lift my ban on the record.

“If memory serves, the song had quite a nice beat and I suspect it could prove quite popular. I hope that by lifting my ban that both the song and, indeed, Frankie Goes to Hollywood are able to go on to some success.”

Whilst the news of Read finally relaxing his ban on the single was welcomed, there is still a concern that he will, at some point, realise that the gay man on the cover of the single is a gay man, and ban the song all over again.

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