Pfizer announces new 20% more expensive ‘Pink Vaccine’ for women

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The UK has bought 20 million doses of Pfizer’s slightly more expensive new ‘For Her’ vaccine, created especially for women.

“In these unprecedented times, we want to make sure women have a vaccine just for them,” health minister Matt Hancock told reporters this morning.

According to Pfizer, the new vaccine looks and functions exactly like the normal version, except this one has a subtle pink dye added to it so you know it’s made especially for women.

“Women need to have access to a vaccine that they feel comfortable with, and that reflects who they are as women. We firmly believe the thing that will make them feel comfortable, and reflect who they are, is the colour pink,” explained Pfizer executive in charge of women’s products, Simon Williams.

In addressing the controversy over whether pregnant women can take the vaccine, Matt Hancock minister told us they are positive that the “For Her” version of the vaccine is safe for women of all kinds – pregnant, soon to be pregnant, and post-menopausal, “if they can still count as women,” he joked.

In a press conference, the minister told reporters, “The vaccine may cost 20% more than the normal version while doing precisely the same thing, but we want to be confident that all women who can be vaccinated choose to do so, and private-sector research clearly shows that charging more, and making it pink, is definitely the way to ensure that happens.”

When asked about the safety of the pink dye in the vaccine, a Pfizer representative responded, “Well, we’re not a hundred per cent sure yet, it’s only been tested on men.”

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