‘Venture capitalist funded companies enforcing their own rules is definitely communism’ insists moron

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“Communism is anything I don’t like,” insisted a moron this morning.

Simon Williams, a 31-year-old Trump supporter, confederate flag-waver and graduate of the University of Life, is claiming that the permanent suspension of Donald Trump from Twitter is tantamount to Communism.

“COMMUNISM!” confirmed Williams.

“Sheer Communism. This kind of denial of free speech is definitely Communism. Anybody could see it- YOU could see it if you did your own research and came up with your own, personal definitions of words.

“Twitter is a Communist organisation and it needs to be stopped, for the sake of our children – well, your children. Nobody will mate with me.”

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Twitter spokesperson, Hayley Rice, said, “Twitter is funded by advertising, which I’m almost sure isn’t an aspect of Communism.

“I mean, I work on the Internet, where nobody actually KNOWS what Communism is, but it’s definitely not a commercially-funded company in which the top tiers of management are paid very large sums of money.

“Hmm? Trump? Lol no, he can fuck off and stay there.”