New Creme Egg advert slammed for promoting the ‘abnormal’ behaviour of sharing chocolate

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An advert for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs is facing criticism from all quarters for promoting the idea that anyone would want to ever share their chocolate.

The adverts, which shows two lovers sharing a Creme Egg, provoked revulsion from those who saw it.

“Absolutely disgusting,” ranted one viewer, Simon Williams, as he slumped in front of the TV and tucked into his daily 400g bar of Dairy Milk.

“This is political correctness gone mad! Who on earth would want to share a Creme Egg with anyone, even if they are in a loving relationship?

“The size of the Creme Egg clearly implies it is a single serving, and the gooey middle makes it hard to divide in two.”

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He explained, “Look, I love my boyfriend Terry dearly, and would take a bullet for him, but there’s no way he’s getting his mouth around my tasty treat. As it were.

“And where does this end? Next they’ll be telling me I should be sharing one of the fingers of a Kit-Kat with my lover, and that’s just plain ridiculous.”

Advertising watchdog spokesperson Eleanor Gay told us, “This is a deeply troubling advert, and our main concern is that it will encourage behaviour – especially in young people – that is totally abnormal.

“Namely, sharing confectionary with someone else.”