‘I can’t live under these strict draconian rules anymore’ says man wandering around Costco looking at massive TV’s

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A man has revealed today that he cannot continue to live under such strict draconian rules for much longer in England, whilst spending the afternoon wandering around Costco looking at OLED televisions.

Simon Williams, who has been ‘completely locked up’ for a full week now by the government during the latest set of national restrictions, revealed his frustration earlier, whilst out browsing for a new TV and some slippers after a nice morning walk with his family.

“I can’t do this anymore it’s inhumane,” he told us earlier.

“We’ve been locked up for a week now and it’s getting too difficult, we are basically being treated like animals in a cage.

“All I managed to do yesterday was pop to the shop in the morning, and then to pick up a jumper I’d ordered from Next, before grabbing a McDonald’s for lunch.

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“Then I was made to stay inside BY LAW for another two hours or so until we went for a nice walk in the afternoon before ordering a takeaway in the evening, it was just awful.

“And today we were expected to just stay in the house LIKE PRISONERS all morning until Costco opened and we could finally get out for some completely unnecessary shopping.

“Well I couldn’t bear it, we had to get out of the house, for a walk, and a Starbucks, and a quick look around B&Q for some paint.”

Asked if he’s spent any full days in the house in the last week, we were told “No”.

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