Guest Opinion: Now is the time to heal and grow together, and not politicise the destruction of Alderaan

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There has been a lot of anger in recent days over the so-called ‘destruction’ of Alderaan, but now is the time to put aside our differences and move on, says the Grand Moff Tarkin.

Many people are saying that Rebel forces, dressed as supporters of the Empire and possessing hitherto unknown planet-killing superweapons, carried out the unfortunate attack in order to implicate the Emperor and his peace-loving supporters, but I support not looking into who or what or why too closely and instead call on everyone to put the unhappy event behind us for the sake of unity.

And the suggestion that the Emperor himself, with his recent comments of ‘Wipe them out, all of them’ – which have been taken out of context and misrepresented by a media which only peddles one side of the political debate – should bear some responsibility for the cloud of pulverised rock which until recently was a core planet of old Republic is punishing a blameless old man too far.

The Emperor is an old man, and loved by his supporters. Better to allow him to serve out the remainder of his term and retire gracefully, rather than to push him into his own reactor in what would be nothing more than an act of petty, vindictive spite. Is the potential damage to his – and my – future career not enough?

As the rebel fleet approaches from the Moon of Yavin IV, and our engineers analysing their attack plan identify some risk to myself and other senior members of the Imperial cadre, I reach out to you in a spirit of bipartisan fellowship in the hope that together we can make our shared galaxy a stronger place for us all, instead of blowing me and all my friends to smithereens.

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