Steve Davis banned from Parler for years of extremely moderate views

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Former snooker world champion Steve Davis has been banned from Parler after years of extremely boring, moderate, non-inciting views.

Parler spokesman – because he’s a man, NOT a ‘person’, right? – Chuck Williams, said, “Davis has been permanently suspended due to the complete lack of extreme views, resulting in users not even shrugging in response, which is not what the app – indeed any app – is for.

“Regardless of our background as typical leftie technologists, we saw a gap in the market for right-wing views and exploited it and now we have to stick rigidly to those principles.

“As such, moderates are not welcome on our platform. It’s a complete lack of balls using the character limit to not say anything of any consequence!

“Even the version of pool Davis plays is moderate in the extreme!”

Davis subsequently, took his time leisurely starting a new account, posing as Cliff Thornburn, before declaring war on some foreigners in order to meet the platform’s minimum requirements.